Short poem(Third blog)

Sometimes You think suicide.

If you think suicide,”I’m died I don’t have a unhappiness thing.


Don’t disappear unhappiness thing.

You will regret your life.

You will pessimistic Why I was died early.

Your family, your teacher and your teacher will be very sad.

And They will erase memory with you.

Are you want to suicide?

And You will read this poem




Once upon time story(second blog)

Once upon time, Have a very very small island.This place name is Country name777.This place is very very small.But, develop technology is good.Then,Many people wanted live here.One day, Countryname777 want to leader.Then,they start president election. And one person want to be a president.This one person name is John.

But,People don’t want John become a president.Because he looks like weak,ugly,dirty and poor.However,He run for president election.He do effort the elect the president.the come to looking clean for people.And He help the many weak and poor people.Then many people know his effort.An approval rating is risen.And He Finally become president.He is happy,then he gorven good for countryname777.And he don’t miss the memory for he become president

Super Mario Bros(First blog post)

My favorite character is Mario.Then, first time I know Mario appear the video game many time. And today I introduce to majorwork for mario.


Super Mario Bros game is very simple.This game appear a mario then you can control the mario and rescue the princess.this game appear enemies. But it’s OK.It is easy for defeat the enemy. you can step on the enemy ,finish.And this game have item.Like super mushroom,fire flower,star and 1up mushroom.Why find the this item?This Item find by item box.I think this game little hard.control is perfect.Some enemies defeat hard.(like hammer bros.)But game plays more,you adaptation playing.And if you know many impormation the super mario bros,scratch the super mario bros.And if you know impormation the super mario.And you easy to play for super mario bros.


About me

Hello, I`m Park Seung Chan. I’m student. I live in Vietnam. My favorite foods are kimchi stew, tukbokki, rice cake stew, and noodle.My favorite sport is baseball.My favorite TV show is infinite chellange.My hobbies are watching smartphone and watching TV.My favorite colors are black,white,red and blue.I like a play video game.And nice to meet you!